Ohio-made Nocino Liqueur

Farm Bureau member Joe Cullman of Cullman Tree Farm in Marysville supplies half of the Ohio-grown black walnuts that Farm Bureau member Watershed Distillery uses to craft its luscious Italian-style liqueur, Nocino, an intensely nutty flavored spirit. In the early summer, long before the nuts have formed a hard shell, Cullman will thin out some trees and deliver about 750 pounds of soft, green nuts, still in the hull, to the distiller where they are quartered and steeped for 90 days in vodka made with grains from nearby Granville Mills. Finally, the vodka is strained and filtered, sweetened with sugar and flavored with orange peel, cloves, cinnamon and vanilla bean. This past November the distillery released its second batch of 5,000 bottles just in time for wintery, cold weather sipping and cocktail making.

Sold in 375ml bottles for $29.95, Ohio-style Nocino is sold at Watershed’s bottle room and select state liquor stores. For more information, contact the distillery
at 614-357-1936 or through its website.


Published in the January/February 2016 issue of Our Ohio.

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