Robotic Dairy

Milking technology helps foster a human touch

Milking cows in the state of Ohio has become more efficient with the rise of “robot” milkers, or the Robo Dairy, in the last five to six years. However, that doesn’t mean our state’s dairy farmers are putting in any less time with their cows. As the producers at Davidson Dairy explain, it means the time they are spending in the barns is focused more on the animals’ overall well-being and not solely on their milk production.

Davidson Dairy, an Ohio Farm Bureau member in Logan County, was the subject of this recent segment of the Our Ohio TV series airing statewide on public television. Check local listings on WCET in Cincinnati, WPTO and WPTD in Dayton, WOSU in Columbus, WGTE in Toledo, WVIZ in Cleveland, WBGU in Lima, WOUB, WNEO and Ohio Channel. You can also watch segments of Our Ohio episodes  and subscribe to Our Ohio’s YouTube Channel.

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