Aultman Farms grow local seeds for Ohio Certified Seeds on Our Ohio TV


Farm Bureau member Matt Aultman grows many different soybean crops on his farm in western Ohio, but it is the Ohio Certified Seeds he is proudest to see sprout every spring. Those seeds are not genetically engineered, and they are verified for purity and proper handling by the non-profit Ohio Seed Improvement Association.

“If people trust you, they’ll trust their food,” he said. That level of confidence in farmers helps bridge the gap between farm and table. Growing local makes that gap close even further, and it is something the Matt and his wife Morgan are happy to help accomplish by planting Ohio Certified Seeds and talking about their importance in sustaining the food chain in our state and around the world.

According to Aultman, growing these Ohio seeds enables consumers to feel more comfortable about where their food comes from – where it was grown and how it was raised. He said it’s not always easy, but it is always worth it.

Aultman Farm in Darke County was the subject of this segment of the Our Ohio TV series airing statewide on public television. Check local listings on WCET in Cincinnati, WPTO and WPTD in Dayton, WOSU in Columbus, WGTE in Toledo, WVIZ in Cleveland, WBGU in Lima, WOUB, WNEO and Ohio Channel. You can also watch segments of Our Ohio episodes and subscribe to Our Ohio’s YouTube Channel.


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