Scioto County Membership Check-In

Monday, Feb. 29, the Scioto County Membership Committee held its membership check-in to discuss its 45-day membership campaign goals. Coming into the meeting, Scioto County needed 17 more memberships to reach its goal. The committeescioto5 ended up bringing 11 NEW/WIN BACK memberships in and had several prospects they were still in contact with. Five of those memberships were brought in by President Christina Gerlach-Armstrong as a GROUP BUY! To celebrate their success, each committee member who has brought in a membership throughout the campaign had the opportunity to “pull suckers” for cash prizes and a YETI Rambler! If you are not already a member of Scioto County Farm Bureau, call to join today! 740-286-4598 or 800-877-9226! #Membership16

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