Tips on inviting others to join Ohio Farm Bureau

Ohio Farm Bureau staff members Chip Nelson and Sandy Kuhn have been visiting many county membership campaign kickoff meetings to explain Farm Bureau’s new membership categories and offer tips for making the membership sale.

Here are some points they recommend as members prepare to talk to others about Farm Bureau:

  • Identify your target audience: With whom will you speak? Is just one person involved in the purchase decision or will others be involved?
  • Identify a person’s key interests/concerns: How will Farm Bureau membership help the person accomplish a goal?
  • Identify the language people use: What is important to them? What keywords or phrases do you need to bring up that will appeal to them?
  • Determine exactly what you’re selling: What is a Farm Bureau membership and what are its benefits as they appeal to the person’s key interests and concerns?
  • Connect your audience and Farm Bureau’s benefits: What’s in it for them?
  • Understand the needs of your target audience: What problems will Farm Bureau membership solve, and what needs will it address? Use words that people understand.
  • Highlight your unique selling proposition: Highlight what makes Farm Bureau membership uniquely relevant to them.
  • Nelson said the presentations are giving counties food for thought as far as talking about the new member classes and how to talk about them with each audience.

“The more specific you can be as far as how that individual will benefit specifically from what we do, the better,” he said. “Talk about how Farm Bureau stands out from other associations that have benefits—what is it about Farm Bureau that is different?”

A large part of this is learning to listen, he said. “Hear what they have to say and figure out how Farm Bureau works to address their particular concern. For Young Active Members, they want to know how to secure capital to get started. What is Farm Bureau’s role in this? You can tell that prospective member we have staff and meetings to help them learn about asking for a loan, etc.”

Most of all, focus on helping instead of selling. Objections don’t mean no. They just mean the person has additional questions, he said.

Our members have been hard at work talking to their friends, neighbors and others about becoming Farm Bureau members!…

Posted by Ohio Farm Bureau Federation on Thursday, March 3, 2016