Growing Our Generation: First generation livestock farmers with a meat CSA

Pablo Picasso is quoted as saying, “The meaning of life is to find your gift, and the purpose of life is to give it away.” We feel that our gift is to farm and we hope to continue to share our meats with the community we live in. The theory of sharing the meat we raise with the community ties into the mission of our farm, which is to give back to our friends and neighbors while providing wholesome meats, but a comparison can be drawn between a small farm in Ohio and one of the most famous artists of the 20th century in another way. Picasso is best known for his surreal paintings and abstract representations of people and animals. He made his mark on the history books not by recreating the convention of realism but rather by breaking the mold of day. While there is little chance our small farm will ever be remembered much past our generation and our community, we here at Carroll Creek Farms also hope that we are innovators in agriculture and are doing things in a different way than they have always been done.

Hello! We are Jess and Adam Campbell from Waynesville and we live with our son Lane on a 55-acre farm, which we were blessed to be able to purchase three years ago. Carroll Creek Farms has been operating one calendar year now and we are happy with the progress that had been made in a short time. We raise 100% grass fed beef, all natural pork, pastured lamb, and free range broilers and layer chickens. Instead of marketing these animals by the trailer load off the farm or the stockyards, we are taking a different approach. We sell in a variety of ways including our monthly meat CSA, by the cut at the farmers market and off of the farm to individuals for freezer meat and to restaurants that want to source local.

While raising livestock in balance with nature and selling meat in the Cincinnati and Dayton markets could easily be a full-time job we both maintain off farm employment to pay for our farming habit. Adam works forTopigs Norsvin USA as a sales and business development representative selling genetics in the swine industry. Jess helps fellow farmers in the area as a loan officer with Farm Credit Mid-America in the Lebanon branch. We also have been very involved with Ohio Farm Bureau. Adam graduated from the AgriPOWER Institute and Jess has served as the Warren County Farm Bureau president and on various state committees.

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