Growing Our Generation: Adding value  through agriculture

As consumers, members of Farm Bureau or just people in general, we often ask ourselves “What value am I receiving from purchasing this product or membership?”

Hello! I am Elizabeth Long. I grew up in Madison County on a small grain and livestock farm. Where I grew up is different but also the same as others who grew up on a farm. My parents’ farm is right in the middle of town. Yep! That’s right, we have cattle and we live in town. The first thought that probably came to mind is how can you have livestock and live in a town. Well, my parents’ farm is grandfathered in, meaning as long as we have cattle in the pasture, the city can’t ask us to leave.

Coming from a small family farm in town was what has motivated me to stay in agriculture. Today, I am an agricultural, commercial and residential loan officer at Merchants National Bank. I love that Merchants is supportive of me and the agricultural background I come from. Their support is what gives me the opportunity today to be active in Farm Bureau and do the things I enjoy doing, like the Discussion Meet contest!

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