Ross County Farm Bureau Public Policy

Ross County Farm Bureau held its Policy Development Breakfast yesterday. It gave members the opportunity to help shape Farm Bureau policy through our grassroots campaign. All policy suggestions will be reviewed by the Ross County policy development committee and board of trustees. A set of proposed policies will be put together, presented at annual meeting, and voted on. If you have any policy suggestions, please contact the county office. Below are the notes from the breakfast. Here is an Ohio Farm Bureau article that provides an overview of the organization’s policy development process.

Ross County Public Policy Development Breakfast–3/31/16

Welcome and Introductions- Mark Crosier

Tim Corcoran– Update on the limited access on Route 35/50. Gave an explanation of the process for the permits. Making progress but still not exactly where we want it. A thank you to the Farm Bureau, the sheriff, ODOT, Senator Peterson, and Representative Scherer for their work on this.

Rick Phillips–ODNR has in its scope of work to put in a boat ramp behind his property to the Scioto River. It is going to affect traffic on his property as well as his hunting. Why can’t they put it next to a bridge where law enforcement can have access with vehicles? There is also concern from the sheriff that since it is in a secluded location and patrol will be limited, that drug activity will occur there.

Dan Cryder– Items are being stolen from farms to pay for drugs. Farm Bureau should have a more active role in working to solve the drug epidemic in Ross County. Suggested policy: Farm Bureau recognizes our drug problem is a public health concern and supports local governmental efforts providing methods, programs, and treatment to reduce the demand for opioids.

Sheriff George Lavender–The Heroin Partnership Grant that they have received is helping everything come together to prevent and treat drug abuse. We cannot arrest the problem away and must work together. They have implemented scrap yard rules that hold them accountable for buying from people on a ‘do not buy’ list and are also prevented from purchasing items such as shopping carts, railroad equipment, and anything reported in a scrap theft.

Ty McBee– Adena is working toward a healthy, thriving community. The replacement and renovation of the Carlile building was a direct result of the strategic planning that they heard from the community.

Chris Brunis–With Farm Bureau’s support of local food, we should support a permanent structure for growing and distributing fruit and vegetables that are produced locally. Growers would be able to store products and set up outside for market. It needs to be in a place that is easy to get through and trafficked. There are many grants available for projects like this.

Rocky Countryman– Bainbridge and Frankfort need a grocery store. The IGA that was there has been closed. In order to get essential groceries they have to drive to Chillicothe. Need to have access to milk, bread, fresh fruit and vegetables. Drug offenders need a way to be put back to work.

Mark Crosier– Tom Harp would like to see an ‘Agricultural Center’ that would make the public more aware of agriculture. It would go through the history, current, and future of ag. This would not be a typical museum but more of an interactive display. The suggestion was made to connect this with the permanent structure for the Farmers Market.

Doug Corcoran– National Opiate Task Force. We need to keep people employed and hirable.  Also they are working to get children placed with families that have lost parents to addiction in order to keep them on a safe path.

Randy Davis– Watt Street area will not be allowed to be traveled down by multi axle vehicles. Please inform farmers that they will have to go a different route.

Bill Pickerall– ODOT cannot mow back to the right away fence until October due to wildflowers planted for bee pollination sites. If there is a specific issue (noxious weeds), please give ODOT a call.

Dwight Beery– Improve infrastructure to match the increase in technology of the farmer. Trespassing and damage of property by ATVs is still an issue.