#TakeOverTuesday: Nathan and Jennifer Brown, Highland County

Every Tuesday an Ohio Farm Bureau member takes over the Ohio Farm Bureau Instagram for the day to share a day in their life. Check in through out the day or follow us on Instagram, @OhioFarmBureau,  to meet new Ohio farmers and ag professionals every #TakeOverTuesday.

#TakeOverTuesday this week is with Nathan and Jennifer Brown of Highland County.

When you climb out of that piece of equipment at the end of the day, tired and dirty, nothing is better than knowing what you have accomplished that day. Being a farmer is more than making a living, it’s about family, conserving our land, and bettering our communities! We may be just a flyover state, but #Ohio has so many great farmers! Thank you for following along today. We enjoyed sharing a small portion about our lives! #TakeOverTuesday this week with Nathan and Jennifer Brown of Highland County Meet Ohio farmers and Farm Bureau members each week for #TakeOverTuesdayOFBF #ohio #farm #farmer #farmlife #farm365 #ag #agriculture #ohiofarm #ohiofarmer #ohioag #ohioagriculture #ohiofarmlife #ohiofarm365 #ohiogram #ohioexplored #ourohio #sunset

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