Apply by April 15 for AgriPOWER Class VIII

Applications for Class VIII of AgriPOWER, a leadership and advocacy development program, are now available and due April 15. Twenty individuals will be selected to participate in AgriPOWER.

Topics covered during the seven multi-day institute programs will include public policy matters facing local communities, the state of Ohio, the nation and the world. Additionally, specific sessions will help class members develop important skills necessary to become and effective leader and advocate for agriculture.

Two of the institute sessions will be held out of state, one in Washington, D.C. and the other location will be decided at a later date, to help class members gain a valuable understanding of national and global issues. The sessions will encompass 17 total days.

You should apply for AgriPOWER Class VIII if:

  • You want to improve your understanding of current issues and develop the skills necessary to lead and become and advocate for agriculture.
  • You have a passion for agriculture and see yourself in a leadership role in the future.
  • You are interested in the political process and/or have thought about running for office.
  • You are open to new experiences and learning.
  • You can commit the time necessary to participate in the program.


SESSION 1 | JULY 22-23 | Columbus

Program orientation and getting to know Farm Bureau. Personal strengths finder assessment, evolving leadership development and public speaking training.

SESSION 2 | AUG. 18-20 | Lake Erie – Tentative

Power and role of the media, spokesperson training, changing nature of communications, social media, and Ohio trade and export issues.

SESSION 3 | SEPT. 13-15 | Washington, D.C.

Power of organizations, Farm Bureau’s process, national and international issues, trade, demographics and federal government basics.

SESSION 4 | NOV. 17-18 | Columbus

Up close look at state government, working with statewide elected officials and politics and etiquette.

SESSION 5 | DEC. 9-10 | TBD

Local (township and county) government basics, local economic development, energy issues and water quality. Leading and understanding change, activists and advocacy, divergent views, attacks on agriculture and food.

SESSION 6 | FEB. 23-25| TBD –Southern state

Out of state agriculture tour. Explore current issues in food, agriculture, and the environment in another state. Gain a first-hand perspective of agricultural facilities, businesses and Farm Bureau’s role in another state. Explore ways for Farm Bureaus to work together.

SESSION 7 | MARCH 10-11 | Columbus

Service opportunities to get engaged in agricultural organizations, local organizations and Ohio Farm Bureau. Review business structures and transitions. AgriPOWER graduation.

Download the program brochure for full information on the program, tuition, scholarship and more.

Apply by April 15!


Past participant Testimonials

“Being in the swine industry, I found it very interesting and helpful to hear the perspective of issues facing other areas of agriculture. We have to work together for the continued success of all agriculture in Ohio.” ~ Jarred Black, AgriPOWER Class VI and production supervisor for Kalmbach Swine Management


“As an agricultural professional and beginning farmer, this trip (Washington, D.C.) was very eye opening, informative and fun as I was not only able to continue to network with my fellow AgriPOWR classmates but also with members of the Young Ag Professionals group knowing that we are all working toward the same goal which is the betterment of our agricultural industry for years to come.” ~ Adam Campbell, Warren County Farm Bureau member and AgriPOWER Class VII member.

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Session 1 blogs

Vicky Shaw discussed her experience in the program’s first session learning about her strengths and picking up public speaking tips.

Angela Shoemaker discussed her experience in the program’s first session and learning to step out of her comfort zone.

Session 2 blogs

Chris Kick blogged about interacting with the media and being an effective spokesperson.

Sara Campbell wrote about using storytelling in conversations with consumers and visiting Turner Farms.

Session 3 blogs

Josh Henderson blogged about truly having a voice in Washington.

Libby Bender shared her experience meeting with the authors of the EPA’s WOTUS rule and meeting with her congressman.

Heidi White wrote about learning more about trade at the New Zealand Embassy.

Session 4 blogs

Lara Staples writes about learning what state government and the people who run it are really like.

Stephanie Leis blogged about the speakers from Session 4 and their connection to agriculture.

Jenny Meyer discussed inspiration to share her story more.

Session 5 blogs

Jeff Adams blogged about learning more about tax law and CAUV.

Shelly Detwiler wrote about local government, school funding and oil and gas production.


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AgriPOWER is an elite training program designed to help participants become community leaders and advocates for agriculture.