It’s Policy Development Time!

Set your calendars for June 21 and July 11 as your county Farm Bureau begins its policy setting process. The objective of this very important task is to draft the best possible set of policies for the membership’s vote of apprpolicyoval. Two meetings are held to accomplish this – the resource meeting will be held Tuesday, June 21 at the Hampton Inn, New Philadelphia at 11:30 am. This luncheon meeting (compliments of Farm Bureau) will include public officials to help surface issues of the county and of agriculture in general.

Once we have established issues that need to be addressed, we will hold a second meeting in order to put them into policy format. These will be divided into three areas: Local, State and National. This ‘writing meeting’ will be held Monday, July 11 at 7 pm at the Geib Family Center in New Philadelphia.

Following the county board of trustees’ approval, this group of policy resolutions is presented at the annual meeting Sept. 1 for the members’ vote. From there, the policies are submitted to Ohio Farm Bureau to be discussed and voted upon at the OFBF Annual Meeting in December.

It’s important for each of us as members of the Farm Bureau to have a voice – and this is your chance to make a difference. We think you’ll find the process very interesting and a great way to get involved. Please join us by calling the county Farm Bureau office at (330) 339-7211. We’ll include your name on the mailing list for the upcoming policy development activities.