CSAs Maintaining Momentum

Community Supported Agriculture, while growing rapidly in both urban and suburban settings everywhere, is nothing new. The rebirth of a shared investment between consumers and farmers, allowing people to purchase the freshest fruits and vegetables from local farmers, has been steadily on the rise the last several years.

How it works is a group of people pledge support to one or more local farms before the start of the growing season, with both producers and consumers sharing the risks and rewards of food production.

CSA members pay for a share of an anticipated harvest and once the harvest begins, they receive a share of the produce. It’s not only produce; meat CSAs continue to grow in popularity as well.

In a recent edition of Ohio Farm Bureau’s Growing Our Generation e-letter, first generation farmers Adam and Jess Campbell of Waynesville talk about pouring their passion for farming into the community by giving back through their CSA. Their one-year-old farm, Carroll Creek Farms, is growing rapidly as the demand for CSA meat grows. They sell their products in many ways, including through the monthly meat CSA, by the cut at the farmers market and from their farm to individuals for freezer meat and to restaurants that want local products.

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