A switch to Nationwide saves thousands

A post on the Lutmer Farms Facebook page was attention-getting: “Just made the switch to Nationwide Insurance Joe Conrad Agency. Joe is an Elite Farm Specialist with Nationwide Insurance and will take great care of you! We were able to save thousands on our annual insurance premiums, thanks to being Ohio Farm Bureau Federation members.

“If you are not currently a Farm Bureau member, we can help you sign up! And, then you can save money on your insurance by switching to Nationwide!”
Brothers Chris and Mike Lutmer raise corn, soybeans, wheat and hay on their Warren County farm, but they also have some special farm interests: 80 pieces of farm equipment, a hauling business and commercial lime spreading to name a few.

Chris said the business started looking at changing insurance for a couple of reasons. “Crop prices are down … We wanted to save some money, and our previous company treated us well, but we found out they weren’t writing any new farm policies, and we wondered how long we could stay with them.”

Chris’ girlfriend found Nationwide Agent Joe Conrad online. “Several people we deal with on a monthly, daily, yearly basis in the business … Joe was their writer.” With their special farm needs, they found Conrad knew what to do. He has earned the Elite Farm Agent designation from Nationwide, meaning he has taken additional classes and received special training to understand farm insurance needs.

With Conrad’s assistance, they looked at each piece of their business to make sure they had the right amount of coverage. “We didn’t want to be overinsured, but we wanted enough. We have several ventures within the farm and we were able to be sure we had coverage for these unique things,” he said.

Chris estimates they are saving between $8,000 and $9,000 annually on their insurance rates. Plus, they know Joe is on their side.

More About Certified Farm Agents
With the Nationwide On Your Side Farm Certification program, agents have an in-depth understanding of farming operations, provide detailed risk assessments and can educate customers about exposure, match coverage to meet their needs and provide knowledgeable service.

To find a Farm Certified Agent near you, go to FarmAgentFinder.com.
Photo caption: Mike Lutmer harvesting corn on the family farm.