Five digital trends that are dominating home security

The rising popularity of smartphones is playing a role in the growth of home security systems. Now, security systems don’t just trip an alarm if an intruder comes through the door anymore; they enable homeowners to watch live streaming video of their homes, turn on lights and disarm the system – all from their smartphones.


Video monitoring

More home security systems have a video component built in. Cameras deter 40 percent of burglars from entering a home.

Cameras placed throughout a home can be controlled via smartphone apps. A homeowner can watch live streaming video while at work, zoom in for a closer look at something suspicious and rotate the camera to get a better look at something across the room.

Smartphone notifications

With smartphone integration, homeowners are generally able to visually check on their home anytime, anywhere. In addition, homeowners can set up event notifications. For example, when a motion sensor is tripped, an alert is sent to the owner’s phone. The owner can click on the alert and automatically see live streaming video from the camera closest to the motion sensor.

Customizable settings

Home security systems aren’t one-size-fits-all anymore. Homeowners can customize their systems to fit their lifestyle by customizing various settings. For example, users can have the lights come on in the living room as soon as the alarm is deactivated. Homeowners can customize settings for certain times of the day or when on vacation.

Home controls

In a rush to get to work, a homeowner could forget to lock the door or adjust the thermostat. Rather than turning around and heading back home to check, homeowners can make adjustments from their smartphone.

Location-based automation

The GPS in a smartphone isn’t just great at providing directions; it can also trigger automation in a home security system. A user can set up his system for location-based automation. For example, when a user is within five miles of his home, the alarm can be automatically shut off and lights turned on.

Digital features in the future

In the near future, security systems could alert owners of a leaking pipe or switch on lawn sprinklers at scheduled times. Sensors are also being developed to monitor people in the home. For example, if an elderly person falls, a sensor can detect it and call for help.

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