Tell your story

Not everyone sees farming as the best way to live, work, or raise a family. Our question to those people is why not? Why is it that the vast majority of kids today don’t even consider getting involved in agriculture? Have we as farmers missed the opportunity to promote this lifestyle and the beauty in it? Where have we as farmers fallen short in painting this picture?

Since we have returned to the farm, Theresa and I have learned the importance of telling our story and advocating for agriculture. Not only are most young adults not considering a career in agriculture, the vast majority of consumers today are far removed from understanding where and how their food gets to their table. More and more, they are turning to social media for information about what they are eating. Often our story is being told today by someone who has never even set foot on a farm.

Social media today is an amazing tool that can help us connect to the consumer like never before. One of the ways our farm uses social media is by promoting our custom freezer beef through Facebook. This is a small way to reach out to the consumer, but it’s a start and we have plans to expand on this in the future. We will continue to strive to tell our story and promote agriculture by opening our barn doors and fields so the consumer can see what we see.

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