Featured Group Members: Complete Health Dentistry of Lebanon

Businesses like Complete Health Dentistry of Lebanon recognize the need for a strong agricultural community and have chosen to support Farm Bureau with a group membership. They care about their community, their employees, and their customers, and recognize that an investment with Ohio Farm Bureau has a high return–from policy and education, to community development and consumer outreach.

What is Complete Health Dentistry?

Our teams practice Complete Health Dentistry. To differentiate this from traditional dentistry, you must first understand this: The mouth is the gateway to the body. The link between the health of the mouth and the health of the body is well documented. Bacteria from cavities and periodontal disease raises your risk of many other inflammatory diseases like cardiovascular disease and diabetes. We don’t just clean your teeth and fill your cavities; we help you to achieve complete health and wellness in every aspect of your dental care. We do this in a number of ways.

We Listen

First of all, we really listen to your concerns. We don’t only tell you our professional opinions. We get to know you and your lifestyle so we can better assist you as an individual with very specific needs.

We Test

We provide services which go well beyond the range of most traditional dental offices. For example, we also offer blood pressure monitoring, glucose testing and saliva bacterial testing through OralDNA Labs.

We Educate

We help educate each of our patients about proper dental care. We know that you want to take good care of your teeth and of your health, but you may not know how. We give you the knowledge, tips and tricks you need for complete oral health.

We Treat

We do routine cleanings and exams, advanced hygiene therapy, fillings, root canals and crowns. We also offer invisilign, extractions, teeth whitening and veneers. No matter what you need for a great smile and oral health- we can help!

We believe that complete health dentistry is the first line of defense against disease, and we are proud to offer it to each of our patients.

The Core Values of Complete Health Dentistry’s Practice are:

  • Care for others as we would like to be cared for
  • Conduct every business activity with honesty and integrity
  • Respect our co-workers and patients
  • Serve others with diligence and sincerity
  • Live with Joy and Enthusiasm
  • Continuously grow and learn
  • Value and emphasize relationship development

Eric D. Henize, DDS

Melissa Rogers, DDS

Join in the shared mission to protect Ohio’s food, farm and business community by investing in your people with a group membership.



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