Pittsburgh, Hershey, Rochester… Oh My!

Every year the Ohio State Fair interns take a trip to find ideas for new exhibits and inspiration for the Land and Living Exhibit. This year we set sail to Pittsburgh, Hershey, Pa. and Rochester N.Y.  IMG_6777


This past Tuesday we left the Ohio Farm Bureau office in Columbus with our sights set on the Carnegie Science Museum in Pittsburgh. Our main highlight was to see its “H2Oh!” exhibit. Water is a big topic that we are incorporating into the Land and Living exhibit this year. Carnegie had interactive games that taught kids about conservation, changes in water and organisms living in streams and rivers. We were excited to finish our new exhibit in the building…. an augmented reality sandbox! Our goal is to teach people about topography and how water can affect the environment. Stay tuned for more details IMG_2071on our new hands-on display!



Wednesday we explored Hershey. Besides all of the wonderful chocolate, we enjoyed the “Hershey Story.” There we got to “work in the factory” and see which jobs we would’ve done back when Milton Hershey began it all in 1905. We wrapped the IMG_2081experience up by making our own Hershey Beach Bar.





Our main stop was the National Museum of Play in Rochester, N.Y. With the main sponsorship of Wegman’s the museum had a fully functional miniature grocery store IMG_2114for kids. Kids could push a shopping cart around, gather five items and check-out them out. For the state fair, our new grocery store exhibit will be similar to this layout but be more informational.


We would like to thank Melinda Witten from the Farm Bureau staff for putting up with us for the past three days! Lauren, Kara and I are excited to take what we learned this past week and use it in the Land and Living Exhibit this year!