Growing our Generation: Keeping Busy on the Farm

Planting is finally wrapped up in central Ohio, and hopefully it is in your area as well. We started planting the end of April, had a couple weeks of standstill due to rain, and the middle of May we started for the second time. Although planting is completed, there is always something to keep us busy on the farm — we started our first cutting of hay last week. It’s a busy lifestyle, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Hello everyone, we are Nick and Becca Kocher from Crawford County. We are second generation on Nick’s family farm, MKB Farms. We are a corn, soybean, wheat, hay and feeder cattle operation located in Crawford, Marion and Morrow counties. Nick is fortunate to farm full time and sell Precision Planting and Yield 360 on the side. I work for Scott- Reinhard Seed, a farmer dealer for DeKalb, Asgrow, and Great Lakes seed, along with Precision Planting and Yield 360. In March we welcomed our daughter, Lucy. We look forward to growing the family farm to pass onto the third generation! We are very actively involved with our county YAP group, and I serve on Crawford County’s trustee board.

A plan for a meal plan
Spring time. To many that means mowing the grass for the first time, enjoying the warm sunshine, watching loved ones in T-ball or ball games. All of those come to mind when I think of spring plus another one- field meals!

While I love being able to see Nick in the field, and sneak a ride with him (when work allows!), planning and figuring out how to transport the meals is not my favorite thing in the world. “I just made this last week. I don’t have all the ingredients I need for that recipe. How many will I be feeding tonight? I wonder if they are tired of fast food? Can you eat steak in the field?” (The answer is yes- if they are willing to take a break to eat!)

I am fortunate that my mother-in-law and I (try) to rotate who takes supper to the fields. With a new baby this spring, having a meal plan was my best friend! I made quite a few off of this list ahead of time and froze them. Then all I had to do was remember to get the meal out of the freezer the night before and we were in business. So, grab a friend and try making some of these meals!

Play It Farm Safe
As summer approaches quickly, and schools are out, kids are looking for activities to keep them busy. Most farms have some type of ATV on them, and who doesn’t love taking a ride to check calves, fields or just for the fun of it? Sadly, in most communities, you know of someone who has suffered from a farming or ATV accident. While it might not have been able to be prevented, it is important to talk with your family about ATV safety, no matter if they are beginners or seasoned ATV riders.

One event that our county YAP group puts on bi-annually is Play It Farm Safe, which highlights farm safety and safety in general to local youth of all ages. This year it will be located at Acres of Adventures at Pickwick Place, Saturday Sept. 10.

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