Policy starts at the county level, works its way up

County Farm Bureaus have been busy holding public policy meetings to talk about the issues that impact members and communities the most. Local and state public officials have been attending these meetings to share their insight into relevant issues such as the growing drug problem in Ohio’s communities and Current Agricultural Use Value (CAUV) increases. This starts the grassroots process of developing Farm Bureau policy from the county, to the state and potentially the national level.

Scioto County courthouse
Scioto County Farm Bureau members held a public policy breakfast in the county courthouse.

Since there is a general election this year, county Farm Bureau members and state staff have been conducting open seat screenings, essentially an interview, of political candidates. OFBF’s Agriculture for Good Government Political Action Committee (AGGPAC) board reviewed those results as well as incumbents’ voting records on key OFBF issues and surveys submitted by candidates to determine which ones should receive the “Friend of Agriculture” (Ohio House/Senate) designation.


AGGPAC funding is used to make campaign contributions and inform voters about candidates and the issues through Ohio Farm Bureau’s election guide, which will be mailed with the September editions of Buckeye Farm News and Our Ohio magazine.

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