Growing our Generation: Summertime is here

As the weather warms up, it is very evident that summer is finally here. Planting is slowing down, we are trying to keep up with spraying, and vegetable harvest is only a few short days away.

We are Tim and Sarah Terrill. We own and operate Terrill Springs Farms in southern Montgomery County where we raise produce and livestock. Sarah has just recently started working full time on the farm, and I am a senior at Wright State University and also work full time on the farm. I started raising produce four years ago as a way to pay for college and over the past years, God has blessed both Sarah and me to be able to both work full time on the farm.

Faith, Family and Farming
One of the great things about farming is being able to watch seeds grow into food that you are able to feed your family and the community. It is amazing how perfect God has made the crops and animals we raise. When farming, your faith and family are key to success. Our family is very involved in our farm — whether it be with planting, harvesting, loading pigs, or cooking a meal after a long day’s work, the whole family gets involved. You learn to put your faith in God to provide the rain you need, the right temperatures or even to just to keep the family safe as we are working.

Get Involved and Stay Connected
As farmers, we have the responsibility to educate others about agriculture. Promoting agriculture is as easy as just explaining to others how crops are planted and harvested, or telling someone the purpose behind antibiotics. One of the great things about raising vegetables is that we are able to have a relationship with our customers; they are at our farm daily during the summer. This allows us a great opportunity to talk to them and teach them about our farming practices and help them better understand why we do the things we do.

Farm Bureau’s Young Ag program is great at educating members on how to better promote the ag industry. Sarah and I try to do as much as we can with Young Ag so we can further our knowledge and also to meet other young farmers throughout the state.

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