How to get an agritourism sign

Do you have your sign to comply with Ohio’s new agritourism law? If not, Ohio Farm Bureau offers the signs, which have the language and size of lettering required by the new law, which went into effect Aug. 16, 2016. The signs help establish immunity in certain civil actions for agritourism operations.

The plastic-coated signs cost $20 and are now available for order through county Farm Bureaus. Ohio’s new agritourism law requires the signs be clearly posted at entrances in order for agritourism operators to take advantage of the law’s litigation protections. The signs spell out that operators are not liable for injuries related to risks inherent in agritourism activities.

The agritourism law was based on model legislation developed by Ohio Farm Bureau and addresses concerns expressed by OFBF members about zoning, liability and how land for agritourism is taxed. The new law is expected to help grow Ohio’s agritourism industry, which now has almost 700 farms that offer an agritourism feature.

Ohio Farm Bureau staff members Leah Curtis and Brandon Kern provide details about the law and how to get the signs:

2 thoughts on “How to get an agritourism sign

  1. Avatar Marilyn Monzula says:

    Would like to purchase agritourism sign.

    1. Lynn Snyder Lynn Snyder says:

      Marilyn–the signs are available for purchase for Farm Bureau members. You can call the Harrison County office to join and then inquire about the sign: 844-942-3276. The signs are a wonderful member benefit. Lynn, from Ohio Farm Bureau

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