It’s About Fair Time!

Tomorrow the Ohio State Fair opens! We are just about ready, we hope, in the Land and Living Exhibit. For the past week we have been working with our Ohio Farm Bureau State Fair Ambassador team to set up all of the interactive exhibits and help other association’s booths.

New this year is our grocery store! With a meats display, produce stand and grocery shelf, kids can learn about nutrition and connect farm to the fork. Throughout the fair, beef, pork, poultry and lamb will be highlighted in the meat case. There will be a matching game for kids to put together the wholesale cuts of meat. An ambassador, the “store manager,” will give a task and the kids will have to complete the job. Each task features new information about nutrition.

Stop by the Land and Living Exhibit in the Nationwide Donahey Ag & Hort Building at the Ohio State Fair July 27- Aug 7!