Same garden, new ways

This post is one of a series of stories by Haley Kocher, who served as guest editor of the Growing our Generation e-newsletter, published by Ohio Farm Bureau’s Young Agricultural Professionals.

Ever since I can remember, my grandpas loved to garden. They both had several large gardens they spent many hours in. Their love for gardening has been instilled in me. I am now growing vegetables where my grandpa put sweat, tears and hard work into the land. I am enjoying finding new ways to grow fruits and vegetables. Last year I completed an experiment by creating a potato tower. I grew potatoes up instead of in rows (see picture). The tower resulted in small potatoes but the harvest was good for a single college student. This year the potato tower is much bigger and my hope is that the harvest will be even better.

My next new gardening technique is straw bale gardening. All you need is a couple bales of straw, your plants, and some time to condition your bales. You then can plant your plants right into the tops of each bale. This way of gardening can cut down on weed problems and over time, the straw will decompose and can increase the nutrients and richness of your soil. You can find more information about this type of gardening here.

My hope is that I can one day share my passion and love for gardening with future generations. While a lot of hard work is involved, there is nothing better than enjoying the fresh produce you picked right from your own garden.

If you do not have enough room to dedicate to a garden, there are many clever ways you can grow and house all of your plants.


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