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This post is one of a series of stories by Kayla Weaver, who served as guest editor of the Growing our Generation e-newsletter, published by Ohio Farm Bureau’s Young Agricultural Professionals.

From being my FFA chapter’s reporter to studying agricultural communication at Ohio State University, writing and agriculture have always gone together for me. When I started writing as a professional, I was excited to be getting paid to write, but I soon realized the experiences were worth far more. There is a lot happening in Ohio agriculture, and some great people behind the stories. Whether it’s a printed magazine, an e-newsletter, website or podcast, I hope you all take the chance to learn more about our industry – it is an ever-changing time in agriculture and you just may discover something to improve your farm or change your outlook.

As a Farm Bureau member you should already be getting a few quality publications. In addition, if you haven’t discovered them on your own yet, I recommend picking up a copy of Ohio’s Country Journal or online, to keep up with the people and activities going on across the state. For nationwide news, agweb by Farm Journal is one of my favorites. Or if you’d rather listen to something, I recommend checking out HerdMark Media’s new podcast series “Telling the Story of Agriculture” that delves into the roles of those behind the scenes!

Read more from Weaver in her blog If not us, who? and Friends through Farm Bureau which are part of her turn as editor of the Growing Our Generation eletter. Browse the archive of past issues.

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