Introductions, exploration, reflection — AgriPOWER session 1 blog

by Tracy Emrick, AgriPOWER Class VIII participant

INTJs, ESFPs, ISTPs, ENFJs and many other personality types gathered together in Columbus July 22nd for Day 1 of AgriPOWER 2016 Class VIII!

Session one was all about introductions. We were introduced to Ohio Farm Bureau and the AgriPOWER leadership development program. We were introduced to each other. And, we were introduced to ourselves – yep – we were reacquainted with ourselves through 3 personality and strength assessments: Myers-Briggs, Strengths Finder and Emotional Intelligence 2.0.

We packed 2 days with learning, introductions, exploration and reflection. It was both exhilarating and exhausting at the same time. We explored our personalities, public speaking and etiquette. We learned how to hold a fork and navigate the crowd at North Market. We learned that through Farm Bureau we are all part of something bigger than ourselves. We’ve launched our AgriPOWER journey with the objective of understanding who we are, so that we can chart our future course with confidence as aspiring leaders in agriculture.

What we learned was that we are 24 individuals. We are different in many ways, and yet we are similar in many ways. What we share in common and what makes us unique are equally important. These traits give us our strengths to join hands and to see from fresh eyes the opportunities and challenges that our industry faces today.

What I took from our 2 days in Columbus, as I sit down to work on my 5 year leadership plan, at the core of all my decisions I will remember – What makes me different from you is not what divides us, it is what makes us stronger when we work together to achieve our common goal!


Tracy Emrick is executive director of Countryside Conservancy, an agricultural nonprofit. She is an active board member of Summit County Farm Bureau and serves as a member of Ohio Farm Bureau’s Issue Advisory Teams.

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