Fall 2016 Community Council Discussion Packet

Beating the clock on planting, harvesting wheat, cutting hay, visiting county fairs, praying for rain, and getting a gully washer –this summer is full of twists and turns. Harvest season, here we come. Plan to take a break now and then. Call your friends together and have some lively discussion at a Farm Bureau Community Council meeting.

Download the Fall 2016 Discussion Packet

The packet has five discussion guides, giving councils options for topics to cover:

  • Definition of Agriculture
  • Motor Fuels Tax
  • Marketing Philosophy and Risk Management
  • Railroad Development
  • Sustainability

Many of Farm Bureau’s action plans started with conversation around a kitchen table, living room or front porch. Lively discussion continues to develop using web applications, too. Your participation as a community council member makes rue that our organization continues to focus on critical issues, create better policy helps people work together to get things done.


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