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By Nathan Vandenbroek, AgriPOWER Class VIII participant

AgriPOWER class 8, Session 1 started with 24 individuals all of which gathered at the corner of Chestnut and High Street in downtown Columbus. Each one of us individually trekked one by one up to the 11th floor, to the Ohio Farm Bureau conference room. As we began to fill the conference room we each quickly realized that every one of us is different from each other, but all maintaining one common goal, which is to better our agricultural communities.

First thing we looked at is that each of us are going to get something very personal and unique out of each AgriPOWER session. Some of these skills will be used and be present in our individual communities. Many of these activities will resemble each other but be greatly different based on the impact it will have on each of our lives.

The weekend was filled with speakers’ presentations and assessments. We learned our individual strengths, personality traits and how to win with our words. We discovered our strengths and weaknesses and how we will be able to take effort and invest each of these differently allowing us to drive our strengths and manage our weaknesses. These activities are all going to be used to make each of our communities stronger and also allowing each of us to use these leadership skills to impact and influence others. Personally my biggest takeaway from our first weekend as we begin our journey through the program is, “leadership is influence” and we all need to play to our strengths.

Nathan Vandenbroek


Nathan Vandenbroek of Findlay is participating in AgriPOWER Class VIII. He is a personal banker for Huntington Bank in Arlington. He has a duck and chicken egg operation and also raises show sheep.

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