Volunteer shoppers needed for American Farm Bureau surveys

Volunteer shoppers and collegiate member volunteer shoppers are needed to assist American Farm Bureau with its seasonal food cost surveys. The national surveys are used for campaigns that report the retail cost of food while emphasizing its relatively small increase in price over time compared to other consumer goods, as well as the contribution of U.S. food, fiber and fuel production to national security.

Plus, one lucky shopper will win $100 in a random drawing, which will be held after the 2016 Thanksgiving Survey.

If you would like to become a volunteer shopper for one or more of the American Farm Bureau Federation surveys (Spring Picnic Survey, Summer Cookout Survey, Fall Harvest and annual Thanksgiving Survey) please email your name, state and email address to [email protected].

About the survey
Volunteer shoppers are encouraged to complete a mobile-friendly survey online. It’s easy to open the link on any mobile device or tablet, then input retail prices for survey items while walking around a grocery store.

Filling out a hard copy survey form is an option as well.

Purchasing food items is not required; you are asked to simply list the lowest-cost product in the store for several items.

Prices for store brand (generic) foods are acceptable.