Working as a team to move forward — AgriPOWER Session 2 blog

By J.D. Winteregg, AgriPOWER Class VIII participant

I was sitting in the 4×4 when I felt a jolt. My head nearly hit the plexi-glass windshield, and as I turned around, I saw one of my colleagues teetering perilously on the side of the bridge. Would we be able to save her? 

OK, maybe she wasn’t in immediate danger. But she could’ve been! It makes the story a little more interesting, don’t you think?

In any case, a tire from the wagon had broken through the wood on the bridge we were crossing. Being the troopers we are, we climbed out of the trailer (and 4×4), assessed the situation, and lifted the wagon out of the hole (and documented the rescue) and guided it the rest of the way across the bridge.

And this, my friends, summarizes what we learned in the AgriPOWER VIII Session 2.

This session was packed with information on Farm Bureau policies and how to effectively express ourselves as members of the agricultural community. With these experiences, an important theme emerged: we all have a story to tell. Like our journey across the bridge, those of us in Farm Bureau know we always want to be moving forward. We want to acknowledge the various voices in agriculture, have a hand in developing policy, and effectively advocate for our community. Sometimes, however, we hit bumps in the road that stop our progress. It’s how we deal with these bumps that will move us forward.

Like we did with the wagon, we need to realize that we have a team around us in Farm Bureau. While the roadblock stopped us as individuals, we were able to use our support to move the wagon forward. We don’t have to feel stuck in our professional and Farm Bureau lives; we have willing support in this organization that will help us all to move forward as a community. By talking to members and finding new and effective ways to tell our stories—and understand others—we’ll be able to become better advocates and participants in the agricultural community. If we’re lucky enough, we even all may be able to find Bennett Musselman in a pink shirt ready to catch us in case one of us is dangling perilously over the edge!

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J.D. Winteregg is from Troy and is a merchandising manager at Rudy, Inc., a grain elevator in Covington. He is a member of the Darke and Miami County Republican Men’s Groups, National Federation of Independent Business, Covington Chamber of Commerce, Middletown Sportsmen’s Club and First Baptist Church of Troy.

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