Daddy why do you have so many flowers in your field?

Craig Pohlman from Van Wert County is the guest editor of the Sept. 26, 2016 Growing our Generation e-newsletter.

I no-till all of my crops and make a strong effort to get a cover crop on every acre for the winter. The reasons to try to cover crop seem to keep growing, but I find that almost every single farmer I know has a little different goal for using covers and each a differing plan on how to use them. I have been dabbling and playing with them for a decade and still haven’t figured everything out, hence my pretty yellow flowers my girls asked me about when my cover crop got away from me this wet trying spring.

I can talk for hours if not days on cover crops and my experiences with them, but my main suggestion is to try what you are comfortable with and build your own experience, understanding, and reasons for using them. I have seen several people try and walk away from cover crops because someone told them what to do and it didn’t work the way it was promised. Experiment a little, and find what works on your farm or garden. As you get more and more comfortable you will change your plan every year to get your scheme to run just the way you want.

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