The dirty little word: algae

Craig Pohlman is the guest editor of the Sept. 26, 2016 edition of the Growing our Generation enewsletter.
While some of you in other parts of the state may not understand the drama involved in that word, trust me it is a huge deal in northwest Ohio and it is coming your way soon. Part of my reasoning for starting cover crops is that I think there is a real possibility that to apply nutrients for our crops, they may soon require us to have something growing in the soil to soak them up.

This topic is so polarizing up here that that the spectrum of opinions is passionate, and very diverse. Farmers that claim we are none of the problem and don’t need regulation on one extreme of the spectrum. And across from them are some lobbying groups and coalitions that are pushing for a ban on using any phosphorus fertilizer, commercial or manure to fix the problem. While the truth is surely somewhere in the middle, it is awesome to see our Farm Bureau organization help take the lead in not only the conversations with the public sector on this issue, but also the active involvement in finding answer. You can check out what they are all up to here:

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