Women in Agriculture Spotlight: Rita Myers

September 2016 was Our Ohio’s Women in Agriculture feature on Facebook. Numerous nominations were received, including Rita Myers, a farmer in Lucas County, who is active in Lucas County Farm Bureau. She is passionate about agriculture education.

Rita Myers
Age: 28
Hometown: Oregon, Ohio

Years of experience: I have grown up on the farm helping as the “farmer’s daughter,” but have been full time on my family’s farm for the past 2.5 years.

How did you get your start making a difference in Ohio’s farm and/or food community?

I started by becoming a trustee on the Lucas County Farm Bureau board to make a difference in the farming community. This is where I was given the opportunity to plan Grow and Know events and the Ag on Display barn at the Lucas County Fair. This made me realize that people really do not know where their food comes from, besides the grocery store. This gave me the opportunity to talk about my family’s farm, and to share the knowledge that I have about farming and where our food really comes from.


Why do you love being a Woman in Ag?

I love being a Women in Ag because it gives me the opportunity to share my family’s farming story, and to help educate others who are interested in learning. I also get to come up with event ideas to share more with the community, so that people have the chance to understand more about what it is that farmers do and go through to feed the world. I also believe that being a Women in Ag gives other women the courage to do something that they may want to do but have always been told that it’s a man’s job, which is not true.


What’s one thing that you want to teach consumers about farming?

One thing that I want to teach consumers is the process of which their food goes through, from farmer’s farms to their plate or cart at the grocery store. The hard work and dedication that farmers have for their jobs in creating food goes unseen or unknown by many. Also, being a woman does not have to stop you from being a farmer.


What do you love about being an Ohio Farm Bureau member?

The thing that I love most about being a Farm Bureau member is that it has opened doors for me to become more involved in my community. It has allowed me to meet so many wonderful people that I get to hear their stories, and educate the ones who don’t know things about the #farmlife.


What’s your advice for other women that are interested in pursuing farming?

If you are interested in pursuing farming, go for it! I love my job and what I do. It is not an easy job, that is for sure. My dad always told me that nothing in life will be free or easy, and he couldn’t be more correct. The reward that I feel for knowing that I help to educate and feed the world when I wake up and go to bed at night is a very good feeling.


What are your goals for the future?

My goals for the future are to continue farming with my family. I hope to continue to plan events for the community to participate in to continue learning about what farmers do. I think that it is so important for people to know and understand where their food comes from, and I want to help educate them.

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