Deadline extended for OFB Issue Advisory Teams applications

Ohio Farm Bureau’s Issue Advisory Teams provide Farm Bureau members the opportunity to engage with peers on a specific interest or issue. Team members may review, research, discuss, draft and recommend new policies, programming and/or activities addressing an interest area. They actively share their work with their county Farm Bureau president and board of trustees. Their input could be used by county Farm Bureaus to initiate programs at local, multicounty and state levels.

Ohio Farm Bureau is currently seeking members for the teams. Each team member will be invited to serve a one-year term, with the voluntary option to continue service for two additional one-year terms. Applications are being accepted through Jan. 16, 2017.

Team Focus Areas

Advocacy and Economic Value

Farm Policy and Business Sustainability

Food Chain and Consumer 

Industry Engagement 

Labor, Transportation and Energy


Workforce Development and Education 

Livestock, Food and Nutrition

Health Care and Safety 

Who should apply

  • County Farm Bureau volunteers identified/surfaced by county Farm Bureau leadership and/or the program’s self-nomination process.
  • Industry and community stakeholders with special insight, knowledge, skill and expertise that compliment specific team efforts.



Team members will be asked to identify and explore important issues relating to the team and bring them to the attention of the chairperson and team facilitators for discussion and research. Each team will hold a minimum of three meetings per year:

  • An organizational teleconference to set the team agenda and discussion topics for a full team session, held in conjunction with the OFBF Trends and Issues Conference.
  • Participation in the 2017 OFBF Trends and Issues Conference in Cincinnati.
  • A follow-up session or teleconference to discuss final ideas and OFBF policy development recommendations.

Each member will provide an additional voice in the OFBF Policy Development process and program development:

  • Review current OFBF policy, as well as develop changes, updates and recommendations to the Ohio Farm Bureau Policy Development Committee related to the specific team focus.
  • Recommend programs and activities relating to the team focus to Farm Bureau leadership and staff at state, regional and county levels.

Members will suggest ways to involve Farm Bureau members with industry and community stakeholders to enhance relationships, as well as implement organization policies, initiatives and action programs:

  • Meet with the county Farm Bureau president, county board of trustees and Public Policy Action Team leader to provide updates following Advisory Team meetings.
  • Participate in county Farm Bureau policy development and annual meeting proceedings.
  • Suggest ways to involve members and community stakeholders to implement policies adopted at the county and Ohio Farm Bureau annual meetings.


Nomination Application and Deadline

Please use this form to begin the self-nomination process. Additional information and application materials are available by contacting your county Farm Bureau office or contacting Dale Arnold at [email protected], 614-246-8294.

The deadline for nominations is Jan. 16, 2017.

Photo caption: Members and staff visited oil and gas areas in eastern Ohio as part of the 2016 Trends and Issues Conference.