Are we really teaching our children?

Andy and Tera Wentling are the guest editors for the Growing our Generation e-newsletter. They shared this article as part of the Oct. 10, 2016 edition.

For the most part, I am a stay at home mom. My girls get to grow up with me being their main teacher. But the thought crossed my mind the other day, “Am I really teaching them?”

We are a generation of multitaskers and always have a million things going on. There are days I catch myself telling the girls, “Just let mommy do it” so I can get it done and move on to the next thing. I am sure we are all guilty of this, whether we are moms or dads. Life is always crazy. And sometimes I see these moms that seem to have it “all together” and think to myself how in the world does she do that when she has double the kids that I have. Her house is clean, her car is clean, the lawn is mowed, and she is working out at the gym.

Well, I can tell you one thing, she is probably not married to a farmer. Farmer wives live a little differently than many other wives, but I do not have to explain that to this group. So, in our busy, crazy lives do we actually let our children be active in helping with daily chores? I would venture to say, for me sadly, the answer is no. This is something I really need to work on and figured there are other moms or dads out there that have the same response. And maybe as my girls get older it will get easier to have them by my side helping.

You hear of so many young people today (I know I sound like an older person, but I promise I still fit into the YAP age range) that are not willing to work. It is sad! I often think that if those young adults were taught to work at home or had a hard-working role model that maybe they would have a better work ethic. So for me, that means I need to strive a little harder to let my girls help me with chores, feeding pets, feeding chickens, helping clean, etc. and hope and pray that someday they will grow up to be hard-working just like their father.

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