Growing our Generation: Part-time farmer

Jake Bodimer is the editor of the Oct. 24 Growing our Generation enewsletter, featuring insights and ideas directly from Ohio’s young farmers and food and agricultural professionals.

Part-time farmer. That seems like an oxymoron. There really doesn’t seem like there is anything “part-time” about farming? What would possess someone to spend their “free” time trying to take on farm work? That’s right, I know many reading this are raising your hands because you know the answer is that we wouldn’t do it unless we enjoyed it. All who are involved in production agriculture are involved because they have a passion for the farm.

Hello! My name is Jake Bodimer from Gallipolis. I am a Financial Officer with Farm Credit Mid-America where I am fortunate to work with many full and part-farmers in Southeast Ohio. I am based out of the recently added Albany, OH office and have been with Farm Credit for nearly 5 years now. I also have 30 crossbred sows in production focused primarily on showpig sales. My passion for agriculture really began showing hogs in 4-H. I guess you could say I just never quit showing. But what was it about that 1st market hog project that sparked an interest? I can assure you that wasn’t cleaning dirty pens, carrying feed/water, treating sick pigs, late nights in the farrowing house that got me interested. But more on that later…

I grew up in Gallia County and have been fortunate to be able to return after graduating from The Ohio State University. I am the president of Gallia County Farm Bureau and a graduate of AgriPower as a member of class IV. Farm Bureau has provided me with countless opportunities including several trips to Washington D.C. where I have been able to visit directly with our Representatives, embassy visits- Canada, Japan, Germany (to name a few), as well as continued leadership development opportunities.

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