Please Support Our County 9-1-1 Levy Nov. 8

Your Washington County Farm Bureau board of trustees and members who attended the August Annual Meeting are asking for your support of the 5-year .035-mill 911 levy.  Your support of this levy asks Washington County citizens to sacrifice $1 a month for property valued at $100,000.  The funding from the levy will ensure the current operation of the 911 system which operates in Washington County, Marietta and Belpre.  The levy also will fund a technical upgrade to the 911 system that will be mandated by the state of Ohio in the near future.  This technical upgrade is called “Next Generation 911.”  Next Generation 911 will enable the caller to send text messages, photos and videos to the 911 operator.  In 2015 there were over 26,000 calls that were handled by 911 dispatchers in Washington County.  If you have additional questions, view the Washington County website or contact Deputy Mark Warden at 740-373-6634 Ext 308.  Please support the levy Nov. 8; you never know when you or a loved one will utilize the system.


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