CAUV action timeline

CAUV Call to Action

For the past six years, the Current Agricultural Use Value (CAUV) program has been a top priority, and now there is a new call to action.

Ohio Farm Bureau is the only agricultural organization that has recommended concrete reforms to the CAUV program, which taxes farmland for its agricultural value rather than its fair market value.

Some of Ohio Farm Bureau’s suggested reforms have been adopted, resulting in an additional average savings of $10 per acre in counties reappraised in 2015.
But the organization’s second round of proposed CAUV changes has not been
accepted. They would save landowners an additional $13 per acre in savings on average.


Ohio Farm Bureau has faced significant pushback from the Ohio Department of Taxation as well as some legislators, county auditors, county commissioners and township trustees who say lowering CAUV values would result in increased taxes for the larger base of homeowners. Ohio Farm Bureau has been working to dispel this concern by showing how much of the tax burden has been shifted to agriculture and how any decrease in agricultural taxes would be spread out over the significantly larger non-agricultural taxpayer group.

Ohio Farm Bureau is continuing to push for these CAUV changes to be made, with some staff members dedicating all of their time to this important issue. Members are encouraged to contact their legislators and take part in OFBF’s “Don’t Break the Barn” CAUV call to action initiative.


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