American Farm Bureau supports fight against federal regulators

American Farm Bureau is encouraging farmers and ranchers across the country to “take a stand” with John Duarte, a fourth-generation California farmer and Farm Bureau member.

Duarte is in a legal battle with federal regulators over whether he violated the Clean Water Act by plowing his land. Duarte is facing fines of $8 million, and potentially the loss of his home, just for plowing his land to plant wheat. While Duarte is making a stand, he also is asking the broad agricultural community to stand with him because of the very important legal issues at stake for all farmers and ranchers.

“John Duarte isn’t that much different from most farmers,” said AFBF President Zippy Duvall. “What makes his story different is the fact he ran head-on into regulators wanting to make him an example by calling into question his use of normal farming practices in an area they have identified as a water of the U.S. It is important that we challenge these issues and John is boldly standing up to do that.”

Read Duarte’s story and contribute on the Go Fund Me website.