My experience with Farm Bureau in Washington, D.C.

The D.C. Leadership Experience was the most inspirational and motivational trip I have ever been a part of. I now have a deeper appreciation for the policy development process and the importance of communication within Farm Bureau. It was evident that the grassroots input from members is being addressed at the state and national level. Ohio Farm Bureau has knowledgeable and professional staffers that advocate on our behalf and implement member ideas in positive and impactful ways.

Having the opportunity to discuss current issues and hear differing viewpoints on topics impacting agriculture today helped me gain a fresh perspective on several topics. Discussing the Trans-Pacific Partnership with other members challenged me to think about a few things differently. I am also more informed on other issues of the agricultural industry that I was not as familiar with, such as food safety policy.
After attending the Leadership Experience, I plan to be even more involved within my county and hopefully the state Farm Bureau in the future, whether that be through AgriPOWER or a state committee. Ohio Farm Bureau is truly dedicated to educating tomorrow’s leaders and generating prosperity for ourselves and local communities.