Ohio farm on current events tour

Ashland County Farm Bureau member Christy Hulse and her parents hosted international visitors at the family’s dairy, Lahmers Farm on Nov. 3. The group of about 30 took a tour of the farm to learn about issues important to rural America at the height of election season. The tour to the United States is organized every four years by a company called Political Tours, based in the United Kingdom.

Every four years the company will bring tourists to the United States for its Elections Tour. It’s a multi-day, multi-city tour with stops of interest centered on news and current events. This is the second time the group has visited an Ohio farm as part of their experience. Participants are encouraged to ask their own questions at each tour stop and approach the journey like a news reporter.


While at Lahmers Farm the tourists interacted with six local Farm Bureau members.  They discussed the presidential election and the candidates’ stances on trade, immigration, regulation, farm policy and gun ownership.  While the international guests learned about American agriculture and politics, the Farm Bureau members were exposed to how our nation is viewed abroad.