Growing our Generation: Let’s talk about turkey…and pork

Joe and Jennifer Osterholt are serving as guest editors of the Growing our Generation e-newsletter, which features insights and ideas directly from Ohio’s young farmers and agricultural professionals.

Joe and I are proud to have grown up working on farms with great parents that have cultivated strong family relationships in us and a close connection to our food. As our family grows, we value the uniqueness of our lifestyle even more. Joe grew up on a turkey, hog and crop farm in Fort Recovery, and I grew up one mile from where we live now, in central Ohio, on a birth-to-market pig, dairy and crop farm. Joe is active in both farms, and I change lives by sharing that pork is safe to eat with a blush of pink in the center, as the director of marketing and education at the Ohio Pork Council.

Joe has quickly become one of the Pork Council’s most dedicated and loyal volunteers at promotion events. In his new role of interacting regularly with the public, he has been intrigued to learn how many people have questions about how food is grown and raised. I am passionate about empowering farmers to share their story. One way I that I share my story is through my blog, Plowing Through Life. Last year at Thanksgiving, Joe helped write this post about Life on a Turkey Farm.

This blog is an excerpt from the Osterholts’ turn as featured editors of the Growing Our Generation e-newsletter.  Browse the archive of past issues.

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