Gallia, Ohio Farm Bureaus receive Distinguished Service Award

Gallia County Farm Bureau and Ohio Farm Bureau were honored with the Distinguished Service Award from the Gallia Soil and Water Conservation District during its annual meeting Nov. 10.

According to Nick D. Mills, district administrator, the award is given to an individual, business or group that has worked with the district on a specific project or event or has worked within the community to promote or assist agriculture/natural resource conservation in Gallia County.

He said the board chose Gallia County Farm Bureau because it has worked closely with the district on many of its endeavors, from the planning stages all the way through to working the events themselves.

“They have always supported our district and are always willing to lend a helping hand,” he said. “They also lent local support for the water quality grant we received to help with the purchase of our new no-till drill.”

Ohio Farm Bureau received the honor for awarding a water quality grant to the district. This year Ohio Farm Bureau provided $200,000 for water quality efforts across the state. Mills said the grant was an outstanding help in purchasing a new 10-foot no-till drill that is available to rent from Gallia SWCD. It joins an 8-foot no-till drill already in place.

Farm Bureau members receive special pricing on equipment rental:

  • A $50 deposit (which covers the first 12.5 acres) and $4/acre afterwards on the 10-foot John Deere no-till drill.
  • A $30 deposit (which covers the first 10 acres) and $3/acre afterward on the 8-foot no-till Tye drill.

To receive half-off pricing (over the next three years), members must supply their membership card and reside in Gallia County or a county that borders Gallia County. Nonmembers are also able to rent the equipment but at full price.

Because of the 50 percent discount, “We have seen some new faces rent our equipment, which means there is more conservation being utilized in our county (which will benefit everyone),” he said.

Learn more about Ohio Farm Bureau’s 2016 Water Quality Grants program.

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