President Burkett focuses on membership in 2017

In his first annual meeting address as Ohio Farm Bureau president, Frank Burkett III spoke about the future as Farm Bureau tackles the challenges and embraces the opportunities on the road ahead.

Transitioning to a new membership model and evolving Farm Bureau’s relationship with Nationwide is something Burkett noted is keenly on the organization’s radar. Burkett made it clear that the responsibility of growing and sustaining membership is now squarely on Farm Bureau’s shoulders. “We, the members, now own the job of boosting membership,” he said.

It’s a responsibility that isn’t taken lightly and is already seeing a sign of progress as news came in during the annual meeting that Farm Bureau achieved active member gain in 2016. Membership work for the 2017 campaign is already underway, and Burkett encouraged all members to spread the word to friends, neighbors and fellow farmers about why they are members.

“We’re never going to agree on 100 percent of the issues,” Burkett said, “but we want to help people see the overall value of Farm Bureau.”

Continued work on key policy issues will carry on through the new year, he said. Two key issues that will remain prominent in 2017 include research being conducted on water quality through the Blanchard River Demonstration Farms Network and the push for legislative changes to the Current Agricultural Use Value (CAUV) formula.

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