Sharp outlines his vision for Ohio Farm Bureau’s future

New OFBF Executive Vice President Adam Sharp shared his vision for the future of the organization and drew applause when describing who should be a member.

“At Farm Bureau, we don’t care if you are a large farm, small farm, a traditional farm, a nontraditional farm, urban, rural, organic, inorganic, local, not local at all, GMO, non-GMO…as long as you are growing food and you are not tearing down the other guy or gal for how they are growing food, we want you to be part of Farm Bureau,” he said.

Online extra: Watch his speech.

Sharp described his vision of how Ohio Farm Bureau will thrive and continue to be an influential organization:
• Building a team culture and continuing to collaborate with partners such as Nationwide
• Having modern appeal and working across multiple generations to
support the farming and agricultural industries
• Growing and protecting the state’s food system
• Having a diverse revenue stream
• Being inclusive, including cultivating young, female and minority leaders in the agricultural sector.

Sharp praised the quality of county Farm Bureau programming and advocacy efforts by volunteers and state and field staff, in particular the work to reform the Current Agricultural Use Value (CAUV) program.

He asked for members’ input on the pros and cons of Ohio Farm Bureau to help the state board develop a strategic plan for the organization’s future.

“One thing we do know is that we will continue to change. Sometimes change can be kind of scary, sometimes it’s not easy. But change doesn’t mean we abandon who we are. It only means we do what farmers have always done – that’s adapt to the world around us,” he said. “We believe in the organization and we also believe (in) making this world and our state and our agricultural communities a little bit better for the next generations.”

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