Our Ohio Stories of the week – Jan. 2

Did you miss out on some of Our Ohio’s best stories this week? Here’s your chance to catch up on what’s going on around the state, as seen on the Our Ohio Facebook page.

Check out the movers and shakers of Ohio’s food and farm community who are featured in this month’s Our Ohio magazine.

Do you have any clever upcycling projects to share with the Our Ohio audience? Please post your images or ideas below for the chance to have them featured on our page.

Beef prices are trending lower and this article explains why you may be able to find better deals at the market.

Take a couple of minutes to check out this fun recap of a day on an Ohio hog farm. It’s the next best thing to having your own guided tour.

Last chance to test your knowledge with this Christmas tree fun facts quiz. Answer these 10 questions to see if you have a future as a Christmas tree farmer.

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