Hancock County Farm Bureau 2017 Scholarships

“Betty Hildebrand” Memorial Scholarship

  1. The Scholarship shall be known as the Hancock County Farm Bureau        “Betty Hildebrand” Memorial Scholarship.
  2. The amount of the scholarship shall be a maximum of $2,000 total, awarded to a maximum of 4 recipients per year. (ie:  A minimum scholarship of $500)
  3. The scholarship shall be awarded to a student based upon the applicant’s ability to meet the following criteria as determined by the selection committee.
  •         Graduating senior or attending college.  Grad school students may also apply.
  •         Agriculture related field at any school.
  •         Applicant must reside in Hancock County.
  •         Applicant or parents must be a member of the Hancock County Farm Bureau.
  •         The applicant must have at least a 2.5 grade point average in high school or college.
  •         Extra-curricular activities indicate leadership ability.  Emphasis is placed on Farm Bureau youth activities, 4-H, and FFA participation.


Application must be completed and sent to:

   The Hancock County Farm Bureau

   Attn:  Scholarship Committee

   109 W. Sycamore St

   Columbus Grove, Ohio 45830

The following timeline shall be followed:

  •            Return application by April 6, 2017 (close of business). Please attach picture, if available.
  •            The scholarship winner(s) will be selected at the April Trustee Board Meeting (2nd Monday of the month).
  •            The winner(s) will be announced at the Annual Meeting in August, at which time the certificate will be presented, along with the check payable to the recipient.  Your attendance is requested.
  1.  The selection committee is appointed by the County Farm Bureau President.  The Organization Director is one of the committee members.

7.  The scholarship will only be awarded, once per applicant, unless no other applications are received in a given year.

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