Adopt a Legislator program

Keeping in constant contact with state legislators is the main motivation for Ohio Farm Bureau’s Adopt a Legislator program that kicked off at Ag Day at the Capital in February.

Farm Bureau members are assigned to those legislators who are new to the general assembly, almost a fourth of whom are new to state government this year, to be an agricultural resource for them through continuing dialogue about anything and everything related to Farm Bureau and agriculture.

“We need to form those relationships and help our representatives have a better understanding of Farm Bureau, and a better understanding of what is a priority to the legislator,” said Whittney Bowers, Ohio Farm Bureau director of grassroots and political outreach, “that our policy is created by and voted upon by our members.”

The goal of the program is not only to keep legislators informed about issues critical to Farm Bureau members, but to be a go-to for legislators who may be looking for information as legislation that is tied to agriculture is under consideration.

Farm Bureau members learn about the legislator and are guided through a process that includes meeting one-on-one with their representative and encouraging them when they see them out in the community.

Members who would like to participate in the program may contact Bowers via email.

Caption: From left, Farm Bureau members Trish Andre and Mark Ballmer meet with Ohio Rep. Derek Merrin and Rep. Randy Gardner.