AgriPOWER takes final travel session to Georgia

Members of AgriPOWER Class VIII traveled to Georgia Feb. 23-25 for the sixth session of their yearlong leadership program. Beginning in Atlanta, delegates traveled with Ohio and Georgia Farm Bureau staff across the state to learn more about the diversity of the Georgia agricultural industry. From agritourism and cotton gins to peach orchards and barbeque, Class VIII received a true southern experience.

One of the trip highlights included a stop at Hendrix Produce, a verified Vidalia onion grower. The AgriPOWER group learned about the process of planting, growing and harvesting onions, as the majority of this labor is completed manually with the help of migrant labor forces. Participants also learned more about the steps that must be taken for Vidalia certification through the Georgia Department of Agriculture.

Another interesting stop included the Georgia Ports Authority in Savannah, the largest single container terminal in North America. The class took a bus tour through the port where they were able to see the containers being loaded onto massive barges to be shipped across the world. This experience allowed participants to discuss international trade while asking questions regarding policy changes and how that directly impacts the Port of Savannah.

The Georgia travel experience is an opportunity for AgriPOWER participants to use the knowledge and skills they have acquired over the past year in the program. “My AgriPOWER experience has been exceptional! I’ve enjoyed learning more about the policy efforts of Farm Bureau and all levels of government,” said AgriPOWER Class VIII participant Jessica Parrish, “The out-of-state agricultural tour was eye opening and truly makes me appreciate the diversity of agricultural products and issues in America.”

AgriPOWER is an elite leadership advocacy development program that consists of seven multiday sessions. Program participants explore diverse topics including public policy matters facing local communities, the state of Ohio, the nation and the world while developing skills that will help them become an effective leader and advocate for agriculture.

Ohio Farm Bureau is currently accepting applications for AgriPOWER Class IX. Applications are due April 14.

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Caption: The AgriPOWER group learned about agriculture in Georgia on their tour. Here, they hear from farmer Leighton Cooley who was featured in the movie Farmland.

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