Farmtastic Agventures bring the farm to classrooms across Ohio

For more than five years Farm Bureau has been leading the effort to bring the farm to hundreds of students across Ohio through the Farmtastic Agventures series. The series gives teachers and students a way to meet farmers and learn about where their food comes from. Through Google Hangouts video technology, schools are provided an affordable way to take classrooms on virtual field trips.

For each participating class, Farm Bureau provides an “Ag Mag” filled with learning activities for third, fourth and fifth grade students and sets up virtual visits to a variety of farms to learn about dairy, bees, Christmas trees, apples, pork production, soil and water, and more. Teachers sign up for the series in advance and project the live video in their classroom on the day of the scheduled agventure. Hundreds of students  in Cuyahoga, Carroll, Tuscarawas, Harrison and Jefferson counties have participated in the program.

Get the calendar of 2017 Farmtastic Agventure dates.