Ohio Farm Bureau launches redesigned Farm Votes Matter website

Looking for contact information for the legislators who represent you at the state and national levels, or how to be an effective advocate? Look no further than Ohio Farm Bureau’s redesigned Farm Votes Matter website, farmvotesmatter.org.

The website has a fresh look and new user friendly features that are designed to make it easier for members to participate in action alerts from their computer or phone.

“When an issue requires action, we would like our members to have the most efficient way possible to provide input to their representatives,” said Whittney Bowers, Ohio Farm Bureau’s director of grassroots and political outreach. “You never know how many calls, emails or visits it will take to help your representative understand what farmers are facing. Your story could be the narrative that a legislator is looking for to defend an issue. If it’s not something they personally face, then they may need help personalizing the context of the issue. That’s where our members can make the difference.”

The website is sponsored by OFBF’s Agriculture for Good Government Political Action Committee. AGGPAC is a bi-partisan committee of Farm Bureau leaders who oversee and direct the organization’s engagement with farm friendly candidates and issues. It also helps inform voters about candidates and issues through the Farm Votes Matter website and OFBF’s election guide. AGGPAC funding comes from voluntary contributions by Farm Bureau members.